VDL Groep takes over Kaal Masten
VDL Groep takes over Kaal Masten

VDL Groep takes over Kaal Masten

5 July 2017

VDL Groep has taken over Kaal Masten of Oss. Today, Thursday 6 July, the international industrial family business headquartered in Eindhoven acquired all shares of the Netherlands' largest mast manufacturer. All of Kaal Masten's approximately 125 employees (115 FTE) will stay on as part of the acquisition. The amount involved in the takeover will not be disclosed.

Kaal Masten designs, produces and installs high-quality masts in the Netherlands and abroad. The product portfolio is very diverse: from lighting masts, catenary poles for overhead wires, transmission masts and camera masts to motorway advertising masts and other freestanding advertising constructions. Kaal Masten uses recyclable steel and a durable coating, which reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the masts. The masts produced by Kaal make it possible to ensure our streets and sports fields are well-lit so we can travel safely and enjoy sporting events even in the evenings. Kaal Masten works from conception to maintenance. The company has expertise in a variety of disciplines: from design to manufacturing, from coating to transport of masts and from placement to inspection of the mast. Kaal Masten achieved a turnover of €19m in 2016.

Welcome addition

"Kaal Masten is a welcome addition to the VDL Groep portfolio", says Willem van der Leegte, president and CEO of VDL Groep. "We foresee synergies with other VDL companies. With VDL KTI in Mol (Belgium), for example, which is specialized in high-voltage pylons."

Ian Light CEO of A.Hak, parent company of Kaal Masten, says, "A.Hak has recently developed a new long-term strategy which largely entails a stronger focus on the core business activities. Our ambition is to be a leading market player in the construction and inspection of underground infrastructure. Kaal Masten is a great company that delivers sustainable, high quality products, but those do not fit well with our renewed focus. In VDL Groep we have found a party that is willing to invest in the further growth and development of Kaal Masten."

New director

VDL Groep has appointed Ger Stappers (57) as managing director of Kaal Masten. Stappers comes to the company from VDL Parree in Sevenum, where he worked for 28 years. For the past 17 years Ger Stappers has been managing director at VDL Parree, which is specialized in high-quality metal and plastic combinations and was acquired by VDL Groep in 1993. VDL Groep will place Kaal Masten in its Subcontracting division.

Kaal Masten

The first foundations of what has become Kaal Masten were laid in 1947. Kaal Technische Aanneming began with contracting, earthworks and the installation of cable networks. When the company began producing lighting masts it was for their own use. Once the production of lighting masts was set up for third parties in 1966 the company changed its name to Kaal - Van der Linden. In 1992 the company split into Kaal Technische Aanneming and Kaal Mastenfabriek and was taken over by the current holding company A.Hakpark. The shares of this Dutch family business have been held by the Van Geenhuizen family since 1985. A.Hakpark, which operates under the name A.Hak, is engaged in design, construction, maintenance and inspection of underground infrastructure for the transport and distribution of oil, gas, water, heat and electricity. In 2006 the name of Kaal Mastenfabriek was changed to Kaal Masten. Since 2013 the company has grown to become the Netherlands' largest mast manufacturer, with 44,000 square metres of commercial property, over 125 employees, its own transport fleet and installation and service teams and exports to countries in Europe and beyond. In 2016 Kaal Masten achieved a turnover of €19m. The turnover of A.Hak is approximately €425 million, and the holding has over 2,000 permanent employees.