Buses & coaches division 

VDL Bus & Coach

The division Buses & coaches of VDL Groep operates under the name VDL Bus & Coach. The core activities of VDL Bus & Coach consist of the development, manufacture, sale and aftersales service for a wide range of buses, coaches and chassis modules, the superstructure and extension of mini and midi buses, and the purchase and sale of second-hand buses.

VDL Bus & Coach consists of multiple bus companies that operate cooperatively in the global market. Production is carried out exclusively in the Netherlands and Belgium. Quality, safety, sustainability, the environment, low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs are high priorities at VDL Bus & Coach.

VDL Bus & Coach is now one of the largest bus and coach manufacturers in Europe.



The Buses & coaches division consists of the following sectors:

VDL-Citea-LLE-99-Electric.jpgEvery day our public transport buses move millions of people on their way to work, school or to visit friends. Together with our customers, we develop tailor-made public transport solutions and drive concepts for public transport of the future.

We introduce innovations in practice. In this way, we make a contribution to a cleaner environment, lower energy consumption and a quieter and healthier living environment. These are elements of the added value we create, not only for our customers, the passengers and drivers, but for everyone on the planet.

Futura-van-VDL-Bus-Coach-voor-het-hoofdkantoor-van-VDL-Groep-in-Eindhoven.jpgThe coaches produced by VDL Bus & Coach stand out for their dynamic design, use of high-quality materials, fuel-saving light-weight construction and low maintenance costs. Our coaches offer optimum comfort for every application, from daytrips through to luxury multiday travel. Functionality and cost efficiency generate the optimum Profit of Ownership.

VDL-MidCity023.jpgWith its range of mini & midi buses, VDL Bus & Coach offers a trendsetting product concept. The superstructure or extension is constructed entirely in keeping with the customer’s wishes; these custom-made products offer a solution for every possible intended use. The buses are constructed on the chassis of a Mercedes Sprinter or Volkswagen Crafter, making them superbly suited for various types of small-scale passenger transport.


ME-Bus373.jpgSpecial projects require special designs. With the expertise and years of experience VDL Bus & Coach has at its disposal, we are in a unique position to serve those markets that demand special products. We always carefully examine the requirements of the specific deployment areas, while all decisions are based on customers’ wishes and needs.

VDL-Bus-Chassis-7090.jpgThe decades of knowhow and experience we have acquired with a huge range of products developed in-house are also expressed in the chassis and chassis modules from VDL Bus & Coach. In every development, the safety and use of tried-and-tested technologies and top quality components are absolute priorities. The result is body builder friendly, reliable and sustainable chassis and chassis modules. VDL Bus & Coach also focuses continuous attention on optimising safety, road holding, fuel consumption, sustainability and comfort.