Since its establishment, the family-owned company has grown into an international, industrial company active in various branches of industry. The VDL companies are subdivided into four divisions: Subcontracting, Car assembly, Buses & Coaches and Finished products. 


Each VDL company has its own product-market combination and operates in numerous different markets. Below is a summary of the major markets in which VDL Groep operates.


Production of small and medium-sized parts through to the assembly of complete passenger cars.


Development and production of equipment for the semi-conductor industry.


On behalf of the medical world, various VDL companies produce a variety of components and parts.

Machine building

The strength to translate production processes into customer-specific machines.

Agro industry

From parts for agricultural machinery through to complete stall systems.

Logistics & transport

From the production of spare parts through to complete transport conveyor systems.


Energy storage in collaboration with V-Storage.

Ship transport

The heat exchangers from VDL are employed on board vessels all around the world.


Production of components for aircraft, gearbox housings for helicopters and mechanical parts for landing gear.


Production of various parts for studying the origins of the universe.