Sustainable electric city buses
43 electric city buses for the region Eindhoven

Sustainable electric city buses

26 December 2016

VDL Bus & Coach has delivered 43 innovative VDL Citeas SLFA Electric to passenger transport company Hermes.

These electric articulated buses have a length of 18.1 metres, emit no harmful substances and make much less noise than regular buses. This makes the Eindhoven region’s electric bus fleet one of Europe's largest. Hermes and VDL worked together closely during the deployment project to develop the timetable with electric Citeas. On some lines the buses operate so often that they are more like trams. These high-frequency lines go to key destinations in Eindhoven, such as Eindhoven Airport and the High Tech Campus. The buses will have their batteries topped up periodically so as to have sufficient range to be kept in service all day. VDL also delivered the charging stations and supplies them with power in cooperation with the electricity supplier. This makes VDL not only bus supplier but also system supplier.

Ground-breaking concession

The delivery of the 43 electric buses is part of a tender that was issued by the province of North Brabant with the intention of transitioning to public transport that emits no harmful substances in the period 2016-2025. As part of this plan, the goal is for Eindhoven to be fully electric by 2020. Over the coming years, passenger transport company Hermes, which won the South-east Brabant concession, is going to continue working with the province and various partners, including VDL, TU/e, Fontys, Eindhoven Airport, Zet Foundation and Storeplay, to further flesh out this development concession. In addition to the 43 Citeas SLFA Electric a total of 65 Citeas SLE, 29 VDL community buses and 2 VDL MidCitys have now also been delivered. These buses are needed to convert part of the current diesel fleet to Euro 6 versions to achieve a cleaner transition to zero emissions. The ambitious goals in the areas of sustainability, innovation and mobility make this one of Europe's most progressive concessions.