VDL Groep management changes
Marc van Doorn (left) and Rolf-Jan Zweep (right)

VDL Groep management changes

30 June 2017

To organize its growth, industrial family business VDL Groep, headquartered in Eindhoven, continues to strengthen its board of directors. Two new vice presidents will join the board of directors with effect from 1 July 2017. They are Marc van Doorn and Rolf-Jan Zweep.

With these two appointments, the company has a solid team of vice presidents for the coming years. Members of the deputy directorate at VDL Groep serve as sparring partners for company directors and represent the companies during board meetings. With the new appointments VDL Groep will now have a team of twelve vice presidents: Rémi Henkemans, Henri Koolen, Simon Bambach, Bas van der Leegte, Jos van Meijl, Carel Bouckaert, Guustaaf Savenije, Jos Bax, Edwin Willems, Henk Coppens, Marc van Doorn and Rolf-Jan Zweep. The board members and the executive board members together form the board of directors which is responsible for managing our 92 companies which are part of VDL Groep. The board of directors consists of President Willem van der Leegte, Jan Mooren, Theo Toussaint, Pieter van der Leegte, Jennifer van der Leegte and Paul van Vroonhoven. 

Marc van Doorn

Marc van Doorn (49) has been with VDL Groep since 1999. He started as managing director of VDL MPC, the metalworking located in Amersfoort. In 2005 he was appointed as managing director of VDL Bus Heerenveen, and in 2011 he became managing director of VDL Bus Valkenswaard. Marc will serve as supervisor of a number of companies in VDL Groep's subcontracting division. Until 1 October 2017 Marc will serve in both his new and current roles.

Rolf-Jan Zweep

Rolf-Jan Zweep (51) has been with VDL Groep since 2014, as managing director of VDL Translift in Dronten. This company is specialized in waste collection systems. As a vice president, Rolf-Jan's areas of responsibility will include international commerce, general financial affairs and supporting the board of directors with matters related to acquisitions. Until a new managing director is found for VDL Translift, Rolf-Jan will also continue to serve in his current capacity.