Respirators by Demcon

Due to the increase in demand for respirators as a result of the coronavirus, Demcon has significantly increased their production. This included scaling up the number of production lines and entering into more intensive cooperation with suppliers, such as VDL Groep.

Employees of VDL ETG Precision, VDL Laktechniek and VDL Industrial Modules have worked hard the past few weeks on parts of Demcair, as the system is called. At VDL ETG Precision, all necessary precision turning and milling parts are made. VDL Industrial Modules took care of the engineering of the sheet metal work and took care of the design, prototype and industrialization of various follow-up series in a very short period of time. VDL Laktechniek, expert in the application of specialist coatings, provides the stainless steel housing with various finishes and, in addition, its logo as well as the names of various connections are applied by means of screen printing.

VDL Wientjes Roden produces protection screens

As a plastics specialist, VDL Wientjes Roden has used its network to obtain a large quantity of acrylate, a raw material that is currently very difficult to obtain. VDL Wientjes Roden has various processing stations to process acrylate into so-called 'coughing screens' to prevent the further spread of the corona virus. For more information, please contact one of our employees.


VDL Foundation supports care workers with donation of protective equipment

The VDL Foundation donated a large amount of personal protective equipment for the regional health care sector to the Brabant-Zuidoost Safety Region (VRBZO). This organisation takes care of tasks for the approximately 720,000 inhabitants of the 21 regional municipalities in the field of, among other things, medical assistance and disaster relief. During the corona crisis, the VRBZO ensures, among other things, that personal protective equipment for health care workers ends up where the need is greatest.

The VDL Foundation, the charitable foundation associated with VDL Groep, donated approximately 100,000 personal protective equipment. These include mouth caps, clean room suits and overalls, visitors' jackets, footwear protectors for healthcare workers and gloves. On behalf of the VRBZO, Ellis Jeurissen, Director of Public Health GGD Brabant-Zuidoost, and operational leader Ton Emmen received the protective equipment.


VDL handsfree dispenser with foot pedal

VDL Lasindustrie in Eindhoven has developed a disinfectant gel dispenser with foot pedal in the fight against the coronavirus. As a steel processing company VDL Lasindustrie has all the competences to produce the dispenser completely in-house. Only the paintwork is outsourced to sister company VDL Laktechniek.

The dispenser comes with 1 litre of disinfection gel which is available in large quantities. 

Medibus of VDL Bus & Coach serves as mobile laboratory in battle against COVID-19

The Deutsche Bahn Medibuses, built by VDL Bus & Coach, are currently being used in a large-scale study by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) into the COVID-19 distribution in Germany. By using the Medibuses, researchers and physicians have access to high-quality laboratory environments, which can also be flexibly deployed at various locations.

The main objectives of the so-called 'Corona-Monitoring Local' study are to map the virus spread and to obtain a more complete picture of the number of unreported coronary events. A total of 8000 citizens from four different areas in Germany are investigated.