VDL Foundation supports initiatives in the vicinity of VDL Nedcar
The Board of VDL Foundation hands over the cheques to the board members and delegates of T.C. De Snelle Sprong, Stichting Vrienden van Maasland, Ronald McDonald Kindervallei, Stichting Vrienden Hospice Bronnerhof and Stichting Wensulance.

VDL Foundation supports initiatives in the vicinity of VDL Nedcar

9 December 2016

On Friday 9 December, VDL Foundation presented five cheques to social initiatives in the vicinity of VDL Nedcar in Born. The gifts amounted to 50,000 euros in total. Beneficiaries were nominated by employees of VDL Nedcar. The cheques were accepted by the handicapped team from T.C. De Snelle Sprong, Stichting Wensulance, Stichting Maasveld, Ronald McDonald Kindervallei and Stichting Vrienden Hospice Bronnerhof.

When it was established in 2014, VDL Foundation made a total of 250,000 euros available. The aim was to donate this amount to various good causes over a period of three years. In 2014, the entire donation went to cancer research. In 2015, the focus was on projects for children no longer able to live at home and people with a physical handicap. In 2016, the donation policy will be aimed at a series of smaller initiatives, in the immediate vicinity of VDL Nedcar in Born, which are nominated by employees of VDL Nedcar. Now that the 250,000 euros have been donated, the decision has been taken to continue with VDL Foundation. For the future, the foundation will no longer focus exclusively on care and welfare projects in Limburg but also those beyond the region.

T.C. De Snelle Sprong

Tennis club de Snelle Sprong of Tegelen undertakes many tennis activities for seniors and youth, but also for handicapped tennis players. The handicapped tennis group currently consists of 14 players with mental and/or physical disabilities. T.C. de Snelle Sprong considers it important for these tennis players to enjoy the game and be physically active. Depending on the weather, matches can be played on the outdoor courts. To extend the season for the disabled tennis players to the winter months, the club wants to provide the opportunity to play in a sports hall. VDL Foundation's gift of 5,500 euros will enable the club to do so.

Stichting Wensulance

For most people it is the most normal thing in the world to pay a visit to family or friends or enjoy a day out. For people with severe and/or chronic illness and those in their pre-terminal life stage, this is no longer a matter of course. They are often confined to bed and cannot use regular transport. Stichting Wensulance (Foundation Wensulance), located in Landgraaf, offers these people free stretcher transport in a professional and comfortable manner to fulfil their last wish. The ‘wish trip’ is offered for a critically ill patient with a travel companion, under the accompaniment of an experienced nurse and a driver. The cheque for 10,000 euros from VDL Foundation will enable Wensulance to fulfil more wishes.

Stichting Vrienden van Maasveld

Maasveld is a healthcare organization in Maastricht that houses 336 people who have serious and/or complex physical and intellectual disabilities. The organization aims to provide these people with physical and intellectual disabilities a chance to live the life they dream of – allowing them to have a home and work, actively participate in society, meet with family and friends, but most of all to develop their capacities to the fullest.  Stichting Vrienden van Maasveld (Foundation Friends of Maasveld) undertakes various projects and activities with the aim of making life for the residents of Maasveld more enjoyable. Specifically, the 10,000 euro cheque from VDL Foundation will be spent on renovation of the swimming pool for the residential centre, the dream of resident Daniëlle. It is of great importance that people with physical and intellectual disabilities continue to engage in sports and other physical activities. For many residents, however, the prospect of visiting a public swimming pool is too daunting. Therefore it is important that the residents have access to a private swimming pool.

Ronald McDonald Kindervallei

Children with a disability or a long-term illness can enjoy a holiday with their parents in the Ronald McDonald Kindervallei (‘children's valley’) or a few days’ stay during a hospitalization or a rehabilitation period at Adelante Kinderrevalidatie. Both children and their parents can relax and recuperate here, surrounded by the natural beauty of the river valley in Valkenburg aan de Geul. VDL Foundation is donating 12,000 euros to Ronald McDonald Kindervallei for the construction of a wheelchair accessible natural water table with dams and a hand pump. This will allow the organization to expand their wheelchair accessible adventure park for children. 

Stichting Vrienden Hospice Bronnerhof

People who are terminally ill want to spend the last stage of their lives in a peaceful environment where they can bid a loving farewell to their friends and family in comforting surroundings. The Bronnerhof in Born is a small-scale hospice that provides terminally ill people this opportunity. The hospice has a warm, home-like environment, serving as a good alternative to the person’s own home. In addition to the care provided by the nurses from neighbourhood care and the general practitioner, the residents are assured of loving attention and assistance provided by the Bronnerhof volunteers. The check from VDL Foundation for 12,500 euros will allow this care facility to continue its work.

VDL Foundation

VDL Foundation was established by VDL Groep of Eindhoven, on the occasion of the reopening of VDL Nedcar in July 2014. With the establishment of VDL Foundation, VDL Groep wished to make a gesture to the region and the province of Limburg, in acknowledgement of the fact that the relaunch of VDL Nedcar was made possible by the dedication of the employees, in collaboration with suppliers and government. VDL Foundation supports care and welfare projects, focusing specifically on Limburg. In 2014 VDL Foundation gifted 100,000 euros to Limburg Cancer Research Fund / Maastricht University Medical Centre. In 2015, Het Vergeten Kind (The Forgotten Child) received 60,000 euros and Nationale Vereniging de Zonnebloem (the Sunflower) 40,000 euros.