Mission, vision and strategy


  • To develop, produce and sell competitive and innovative products
  • To maintain and grow employment

VDL combines the power of a multinational with the flat organisation and open, informal working atmosphere of a family business in which advancement opportunities and long-term ambitions are given priority. We innovate through a combination of craftsmanship, entrepreneurship and the use of high-quality machines. 

Developing and producing innovative and competitive products and selling them worldwide, we strive to contribute to the improvement of the manufacturing industry, technology, the living environment and our general well-being. Our diverse activities help us contribute to the improvement of a large number of factors that determine the quality of life, e.g. healthcare (medical products) and the environment (e-mobility) and the (acquisition) policy pursued by the group also ensures that employment is maintained and grows. The above requires good business practice and good mutual cooperation both in terms of collaboration between our individual employees and subsidiaries and contacts with our customers, suppliers and other partners. That's why our slogan is: Strength through cooperation.

  • Manufacturing has a future in Western Europe;
    The future of Western Europe is in manufacturing.

VDL Groep shows that manufacturing has a future in Western Europe. We also believe that the future of Western Europe depends on manufacturing in part.

We believe and prove that we can continue to manufacture goods here, in Western Europe. Our combination of ‘brilliant minds with the Midas touch' with automation and robotisation facilitates our ability to continue innovating and competing with products from other countries. 

The importance of the manufacturing industry must not be underestimated. If it disappears from Western Europe, knowledge will disappear with it and capital will quickly follow too. If we stop manufacturing goods here, employment opportunities will be lost, followed by our well-being. Twenty-five percent of all employees in the Netherlands are employed in this industry or in related sectors. The industry is responsible for 70 percent of the Dutch export industry. It is fair to say that the Netherlands would be an economic disaster area without the manufacturing industry.

Diversity in markets and products

Achieving diversity in terms of markets and products. It enables us to spread our risks effectively. If one branch of industry is not performing as well as it ought to be, another will compensate with slightly better results.

Controlled growth

Our aim is to achieve controlled growth, both financially and in terms of our organisational structure. We have a very strong financial position and our organisation has now benefited from significant further strengthening. We will not take any risks that could jeopardise the group as a whole.

Solid financial position

VDL has a strong financial position and is not overly reliant on banks. We believe that it is important to be able to continue to make our own policy decisions.

Production in Western Europe

We are committed to maintaining production in Western Europe (especially in the Netherlands and Flanders) and also to limited strategic production in low-income countries, to support employment in Western Europe.

VDL Groep is and always will be a family company

We are and will always continue to be a family-run company. VDL Groep is owned 100% by the Van der Leegte family. The family has agreed never to sell any shares to a third party, which has created a real sense of purpose in the organisation. We are able to make the right decisions for our business with the minimum of delay.

Investment and innovation

Investing and innovating in employees, materials, products and techniques. We invest heavily in automation and robotics and want our employees to continue to develop too. We always strive to be the very best, which is why we deliver the best balance of quality, technology, logistics and costs.