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Our Commitment to Sustainable Mobility Solutions

The economic functioning of society relies heavily on mobility. However, the growing demand for mobility presents challenges in terms of accessibility, health, and the state of nature and the environment. In order to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world, VDL Groep is committed to developing mobility solutions, promoting electrification, and reducing emissions.


We are a prominent player in the changing landscape of sustainable transportation options. While we originally started as a component supplier, we have now expanded our operations to include vehicle assembly. Our core focus is on the development and production of (electric) buses, coaches, and trucks, as well as electric heavy vehicles in Europe. Additionally, we are also dedicated to addressing smart mobility issues such as design, electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving, and mobility as a service.

One of our key strengths lies in our ability to design our mobility solutions in-house, making it possible for us to apply our expertise to other forms of transportation as well. We are also increasingly focusing on developing vehicles that are capable of collecting data. These vehicles not only provide feedback on their own performance but also on their impact on the surrounding environment. By doing so, we are actively contributing to the creation of livable cities.

In summary, our goal is always to provide smart, sustainable, and continuous mobility solutions in everything we do. This way, we can contribute to a better and cleaner world for future generations.

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The world of Mobility

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Autonomous driving shuttle

The demand for self-driving shuttle services is projected to soar in the coming years, particularly in major cities across Europe, North America, and parts of Asia. That's why Schaeffler and VDL Groep have formed a strategic partnership to accelerate the development of shuttle vehicles that can be manufactured on a commercial scale. Together, these companies strive to shape the future of transportation by creating innovative solutions that meet the growing demand for sustainable mobility.


Autonomous shuttle vehicles are going to play an important role in our future mobility needs. This vehicle concept fits seamlessly into our broad mobility proposition that includes design, electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving and services. Of course, this envisioned collaboration is a fantastic opportunity to pioneer and innovate with our valued partners Schaeffler, Mobileye and others.

The newly developed and manufactured shuttles will first start operating in Germany, as this is the first country in Europe where SAE Level 4 self-driving autonomous vehicles are allowed to be used on public roads.

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Powered by Electric Driveline Technology

For a Smoother Ride:
VDL City Bus Family

The result of a project that was designed around electric driveline technology, the new VDL city bus family boasts a range of features, including low-flow and no engine tower, that were developed from the ground up to maximize the benefits of electric traction while avoiding the limitations of designs based on combustion engines. For the first time, the new Citea buses have the batteries installed in the floor.

Zero-emission heavy-duty hydrogen trucks

Hydrogen fuel cell

VDL believes in a zero-emission future for medium and heavy-duty on- & offroad equipment. Together with Toyota Motor Europe we are working on this innovative technology project.


VDL Special Vehicles will build the first fuel cell truck by the summer of 2023, followed by more vehicles to be produced and assessed on TME logistics routes in the autumn of 2023. The project will consolidate learnings on how to deploy fuel cell trucks, further supporting the company’s long-term vision of decarbonising logistics and reducing Toyota’s carbon footprint beyond the electrification of passenger vehicles.

Fuel cell trucks have a key role in the growth of the wider European hydrogen ecosystem, strongly supporting transport decarbonization and an ecological energy transition. Heavy-duty vehicles are critical in generating a healthy supply and demand dynamic for hydrogen

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To contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world, the VDL Groep is committed to developing mobility solutions, promoting electrification and reducing emissions.
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