The world of Infratech

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The VDL way:

Zero-Emission, Low Noise

At VDL Groep, we are dedicated to creating a more liveable, sustainable, and connected society. To achieve this, we need to strive for zero-emission driving, noise reduction, and locally and sustainably grown food. We also need to ensure VDL is at the forefront of these developments.

Our goal is a climate-neutral infrastructure, with zero-emission and low noise. We are creating smart light and communication poles, bus shelters, street furniture, bicycle sheds, and an innovative charging infrastructure. We are connecting our vehicles with automated maintenance and guidance systems, and focusing on all aspects of mobility. We are designing zero-emission vehicles that will also provide data. We are creating smarter road signs that are connected online, providing faster communications, improved safety, and greater sustainability. We are embracing the endless possibilities and proud to contribute to a more sustainable society.

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The world of Infratech


Antenna structures created
Bus shelters
garbage trucks with our lift system

Innovation and Cooperation

Introducing VDL's Smart Pole

With the development and production of a new ‘smart pole’ we initiate a new international ecosystem. This partnership responds in a socially responsible and intelligent way to the increasing demand for charging and metering infrastructure and sustainability in public spaces. VDL’s smart pole consists of several types and can be constructed with different options for connectivity from various brands and solutions. This provides maximum flexibility to customers.

Based on the VDL philosophy of strength through cooperation, the poles have been designed with the basic principle that different suppliers can supply the various functionalities. An additional advantage is that new innovations and connectivity options can also be added to the pole at a later date. In this way, the poles can ‘grow’ with tomorrow’s ‘smart public environment’. As the largest pole and mast manufacturer of the Netherlands, VDL Groep will develop and produce the smart pole.

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The future of delivery

smart parcel locker

Where a postman used to walk his neighborhood with one bag of letters, now parcel deliverers from various services drive back and forth in delivery vans.
Dutch letter post volume halved in 10 years time, while the number of delivered parcels in the Netherlands has doubled in 5 years to over 650 million in 2021! And this growth is not only a challenge for the delivery drivers.

So VDL Groep developed a smart parcel locker from the ground up to be able to receive parcels from any delivery service without any problems.



Making a substantial contribution to livable (urban) environments - that is our goal. VDL has a strong focus on the livable society of today and tomorrow, which is both sustainable and connected. A society where emission-free driving and noise reduction are commonplace.
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