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VDL's Innovative Energy Solutions

At VDL Groep, we strive to leave a more pristine planet. We are actively investing in energy solutions and expanding our impact. We focus on energy storage and transportation, and believe hydrogen will become important. We develop better mobility with electric batteries and our super-battery offers a green alternative. Our VDL-E-Power-technology is composed of both vehicles and chargers, creating a sustainable system. Batteries are reused to store energy for our partners. We are committed to achieving a sustainable future!

The world of Energy


Prevented, with the use of our scrubbers
million kilos CO2 emissions

Transition to a sustainable energy system

Living Lab: making Curacao's economy more sustainable

Curacao, a Caribbean island, is taking a revolutionary step towards sustainability and reduced dependence on fossil fuels by introducing a public transportation system that runs completely off the grid. Powered by VDL, one of the world's major provider of zero-emission public transport solutions, this system will be the first of its kind in the region.

The vehicles will be powered by VDL's proprietary battery technology, which allows for rapid charging and long-term energy storage without needing to return to a charging station. This battery is also designed to be energy-efficient to reduce the energy used in each journey.

This cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional public transportation will help reduce air pollution, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, create jobs, reduce traffic congestion, and improve mobility for those living in Curacao. VDL is proud to be at the forefront of this initiative and looks forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on the people of Curacao as they move towards a more sustainable future.

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Mobile hydrogen fuell cell generators

Power for tomorrow

Currently, our energy mix consists of approximately 20% electricity and 80% natural gas or liquid fossil fuels. However, this is set to change due to our climate goals. We aim to increase the share of electricity generated from renewable sources like wind and solar power.

Nonetheless, there are still certain applications, such as heavy transportation, high-temperature industrial processes, and aviation, that lack viable electrical solutions. In these cases, a sustainable gas like hydrogen is needed. Hydrogen is expected to play a crucial role as an energy carrier for the medium and long term.

VDL Energy Systems is actively developing a range of mobile hydrogen fuel cell generators called Hydrogen Power Units. These units are designed to convert hydrogen into electrical energy and will be available in various power outputs ranging from 50 KW to 500 KW.

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To pass on our world to the next generation in a better and cleaner way, we are engaged in the energy transition and continue to seek new opportunities. We would like to play an even greater role in this world where we can make a difference with technical applications, development and production. Will you help?

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