VDL and DAF deliver first electric truck to Jumbo

VDL Groep and DAF Trucks have delivered the first fully electric truck to supermarket chain Jumbo in Veghel. President and CEO Willem van der Leegte of VDL Groep and President Harry Wolters of DAF Trucks presented the keys of the e-truck to CEO Frits van Eerd of Jumbo. The DAF CF Electric VDL E-Power, jointly developed by VDL and DAF, will supply no fewer than 80 supermarkets in the province of North Brabant daily from Jumbo's distribution centre in Veghel. 


Jumbo's first electric truck will be tested in practice in the coming period in cooperation with VDL and DAF. During this field testing data will be collected that can be used for further development of the truck. Jumbo will then consider its future use of electric trucks for retail distribution.

Green charging station

The DAF CF Electric VDL E-Power has a range of approximately 100 kilometres, so this truck makes it possible to supply supermarkets within a 50 kilometre radius of the distribution centre without any harmful emissions and with minimal noise pollution. A charging station at the Jumbo distribution centre in Veghel will be used to recharge the e-truck, making use of surplus energy from the solar panels on Jumbo buildings. TNO and V-Storage, a joint venture of VDL Groep and Scholt Energy Control, are both involved in this research.

Three Brabant-based companies

President and CEO Willem van der Leegte of VDL Groep said, “It is fantastic that three companies from Brabant, where strong roots, robust solutions and high-value innovation excel, have joined forces and started to test the DAF CF Electric VDL E-Power in practice. With this transfer, Jumbo, DAF and VDL are at the forefront of developments in emission-free transport and noise reduction, which will certainly become the norm in urban areas. This e-truck offers the world progress in terms of furthering the sustainability of goods and distribution transport.”

Improving sustainability

“By using this new electric truck we are taking the next step in making our fleet more sustainable,” said Jumbo CEO Frits van Eerd. “As a family business and leading supermarket chain, Jumbo aims to ensure that our impact on the environment, through our products and operations, is as low as possible. By using this CO2-neutral truck we are taking a new step in achieving our Climate Plan. We have set ourselves the target of eventually supplying 45% of our stores with electric trucks. This will enable Jumbo to reduce CO2 emissions from its freight transport movements by 50% in 2020 compared to 2008.”


DAF Trucks President Harry Wolters said, “The transport sector is standing on the threshold of a major transition. It looks like electric trucks will soon become the norm for distribution in urban areas. I am tremendously proud that DAF, together with VDL and Jumbo, is starting an intensive field test. We have a strong reputation for developing innovative solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. The data we collect over the next twelve months will enable us to seamlessly match the final production model to market demand.”


The e-truck will be used as a tractor-trailer combination for inner city distribution with a total weight of up to 40 tonnes. DAF supplies the cab and chassis of the DAF CF truck, crowned “International Truck of the Year 2018,” and VDL fits this truck with an electric motor, batteries and the associated controller. The technology is basically the same as that used in VDL's electric buses, which have already proved themselves during over 20 million kilometres of operation while providing complex scheduled service. VDL has extensive experience implementing complete system solutions (vehicle, charging infrastructure and implementation management).


The DAF CF Electric VDL E-Power has an electric motor with a power rating of 210 kW and 2,000 Nm of torque. The motor is powered by a battery pack with 170 kWh of gross capacity. A single battery charge is sufficient for approximately 100 kilometres of driving, which is adequate for daily distribution from outside the city into the city centres. Top-up quick charging of the battery takes less than 30 minutes, while a full charging session takes just 1.5 hours.  

The distribution centre of Jumbo Supermarkten in Veghel has a loading station of VDL to load the truck     The e-truck for Jumbo