About VDL Groep

At VDL Groep, we believe that the strength of achieving real success lies in the pride of the personnel who develope and produce our products. Our curiosity motivates and inspires us to always strive for the best. We ensure that we continue to spark the imagination and develop high-tech innovations that improve everyone's wellbeing and prosperity. With a drive to excel, for now and for future generations.

VDL Groep develops and produces a wide variety of industrial products, from parts to advanced finished products. Our activities can be summarised in the ‘five worlds of VDL’: Hightech, Mobility, Energy, Infratech and Foodtech. Each of these ‘worlds’ has its own characteristics and challenges, with one common denominator: a unique combination of thinking and doing. This sets us apart.

As a family business founded in 1953, we cherish the values of workmanship, deliberateness and cooperation. Our employees are our organisation's greatest asset – they enable us to make the difference. By working together closely and combining craftmanship with innovation, we inspire to make change happen. We are aware that the decisions we make today will affect the world of tomorrow. Together with our personnel and partners, we can make a difference today for a better world tomorrow.

VDL Groep has over 16,000 employees in 19 countries. The group encompasses more than 100 closely cooperating operating companies, each with its own specialism. In 2022, VDL Groep achieved a combined annual turnover of €5,752 billion.

We stand for strength through cooperation.


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