VDL Groep strives for controlled growth of the organization and maintaining a strong financial position. VDL's policy is aimed at continuous improvement of its competitive position. VDL also wants to continuously improve the quality level at all operating companies. Investments are therefore geared to innovation, improvement and expansion of products and production processes. We also invest in our employees and give priority to the internal advancement of employees.


VDL Groep attaches great importance to continuing to produce competitively in Western Europe. By investing in solid craftsmanship as well as in robotics and automation, we want to continuously improve our competitive position on the international market. Our global activities are aimed at strengthening our position and employment in Western Europe. Thanks to sales branches in various countries and the extensive network of importers and agents, we can sell our products all over the world. Integrity in doing business is central. Despite the size of VDL and the increasingly international character of our company, VDL is and remains one hundred percent a family company. This offers many advantages, such as quick decision-making and a focus on the long term.

Together with our customers, we broaden our offering, allowing us to move up in the supply chain. Customers often ask for more than just the delivery of a product or technology. There is an increasing need for integrated deliveries in the field of the combination of software, electronics and mechanics. We can achieve this together, whether or not in collaboration with good partners. We are increasingly co-developing our customers' products, processes and techniques and are taking important steps towards becoming a one-stop shop industrial partner.