The 5 worlds of

VDL Groep


Our activities can be summarized in five clusters: Hightech, Mobility, Energy, Infratech and Foodtech. Each of these 'worlds' has its own characteristics and challenges, with VDL playing a unique role when it comes to the development and production of products, machines, parts or services and total solutions.


At VDL Groep, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, helping to make the world faster and more precise. Our high-tech equipment and modules, developed and produced in-house, are accurate to the nanometer.

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We are a prominent player in the changing landscape of sustainable transportation options. While we originally started as a component supplier, we have now expanded our operations to include vehicle assembly. Our core focus is on the development and production of (electric) buses, coaches, and trucks, as well as electric heavy vehicles in Europe. Additionally, we are also dedicated to addressing smart mobility issues such as design, electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving, and mobility as a service.

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At VDL Groep, we strive to leave a more pristine planet. We are actively investing in energy solutions and expanding our impact. We focus on energy storage and transportation, and believe hydrogen will become important. We develop better mobility with electric batteries and our super-battery offers a green alternative.

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At VDL Groep, we are dedicated to creating a more liveable, sustainable, and connected society. To achieve this, we need to strive for zero-emission driving, noise reduction, and locally and sustainably grown food. We also need to ensure VDL is at the forefront of these developments.

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In order to make our food chain more sustainable, our companies are leveraging technology for opportunities and challenges. We are limiting waste and leading the charge in animal-friendly protein production.

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