Social involvement

Corporate Social Responsibility is in our blood and is reflected daily in everything we do. We are socially involved in the regions and communities in which we work. We support many local cultural, sporting and social events and associations. We work with government agencies to promote social initiatives in these regions. We believe it is important that young people also choose to work in technology. Promoting technology at educational institutions, during open days or recruitment days is one of the possibilities, but school pupils and students can also come to us for internships or graduation places.



VDL Foundation 

As a family business, we are deeply involved in the world around us. This is in our DNA, in our organization and in the VDL family.


VDL Groep offers internship and graduation placements to practical and theoretical students. We also maintain warm ties with education through guest lectures at schools, teacher and dean internships, lunch lectures, open days, company markets and tours. Of course, in cooperation with partners and educational institutions, we also pay plenty of attention to training our employees.

VDL Triple T Academy, launched in September 2022, is a great example. VDL Triple T stands for Proud Talent in Technology. A challenging MBO training program of VDL Groep developed in collaboration with FC Eindhoven and Mikrocentrum. During this 1-year training program, 1st-year vocational students, in addition to their professional work-study program at one of the VDL companies, work on their personal development (so-called powerskills) and are challenged athletically under the guidance of a former FC Eindhoven professional footballer and a Mikrocentrum sports psychologist. In 2022, the training offer was further expanded. Some examples of training that have been followed: language courses, welding training, forklift and reach truck training, purchasing and sales training, leadership on the shop floor and training for our practical trainers.

Partnerfonds Brainport Eindhoven

VDL Groep, together with the original Brainport partners and PSV, has established the Brainport Eindhoven Partner Fund based on our involvement in society. The aim of this fund is to find sustainable solutions for urgent social problems of people in the region who are experiencing difficulties. The Partner Fund focuses on three important pillars: financial concerns, vitality and talent. It is not a standard charity fund; the programs are devised autonomously and companies and knowledge institutions are involved in the solutions, with the aim of strengthening regional connections. In short, the Partner Fund is a fund that is deployed by and for the region.