Milled parts for eBike
VDL ETG Projects produces parts for the eBike of Trefecta.

Milled parts for eBike

5 December 2016

In late 2016, the first special eBikes that VDL ETG Projects has produced for its client Trefecta will be put on the market. This electric bike has been specially designed to function under the most extreme conditions, such as rough off-road terrain. That makes the eBike a suitable means of transport for users such as police and defence personnel.

What makes the electric bike special is that it is very fast both on difficult terrain and on normal roads, even when climbing steep slopes. The eBike can accelerate from 0 to 45 km/h in less than six seconds. The bike has a top speed of around 90 km/h and can carry a lot of weight, up to around 160 kg. The compact design of the bike is fully compliant with the most stringent defence industry requirements. 

After a successful prototype stage and the production of an initial series of 50 bikes, the eBike was developed further for series production by VDL ETG Projects. VDL ETG Projects will initially deliver all the custom-made parts for the eBike. They will also manage the entire supply chain. Production will begin with 200 units in the second half of 2016. The production volumes are expected to rise in the years thereafter. Meanwhile, there is interest from both the private and professional markets in Europe and North America.