VDL Groep management changes
VDL Groep management changes

VDL Groep management changes

24 February 2017

VDL Groep continues to strengthen and broaden top management. New vice presidents will join the management team of the Eindhoven-based industrial family company with effect from March 2017. These include current group company directors Jos Bax and Edwin Willems. In addition, vice president Rémi Henkemans will be assigned a new portfolio within the management team. His successor Henk Coppens will also join the deputy directorate. Members of the deputy directorate at VDL Groep serve as sparring partners for company directors and represent the companies during board meetings.

With the new appointments the VDL Groep deputy directorate will have ten members: Rémi Henkemans, Henri Koolen, Simon Bambach, Bas van der Leegte, Jos van Meijl, Carel Bouckaert,  Guustaaf Savenije, Jos Bax, Edwin Willems and Henk Coppens. Expansion of the deputy directorate is necessary to facilitate continued smooth operation as VDL Groep continues to grow. 

Rémi Henkemans

Rémi Henkemans (50) has worked at VDL Groep for over twenty years. As managing director of VDL Bus & Coach in Valkenswaard he has been as a member of the management team for ten years. Rémi remains vice president, and with his new responsibilities will become a sparring partner for company directors in the Finished Products division. He will also provide support for various marketing activities of this group of companies.

Henk Coppens

At the Buses and coaches division Henk Coppens (57) succeeds Rémi Henkemans. Henk Coppens has been operational director at VDL Bus & Coach since 2015. With his appointment he joins the deputy directorate of VDL Groep.

Jos Bax

Jos Bax (56) is managing director of VD Leegte Metaal in Hapert, VDL Groep's first company. He began there nearly 34 years ago. Jos Bax has worked in every capacity at VD Leegte Metaal: production worker, planner, salesman and sales manager, deputy managing director and, since 2006, managing director. As a VDL Groep vice president he will combine his current position with the supervision of other VDL companies.

Edwin Willems

Edwin Willems (47) is managing director of VDL Systems in Uden. He will combine his current position with his role in the deputy directorate and become supervisor of VDL companies. Edwin Willems started as sales manager at VDL Systems in 1999. He has been managing director of this Uden-based VDL company since 2007.